What is React Boilerplate CRA Template

💁‍♂️ TL;DR: CRA handles the bootstrapping and React Boilerplate gets you started with the best tools and practices.
This is a custom create-react-app template of react-boilerplate. React Boilerplate has been developing the ultimate React starter kit for many years now. On the other hand CRA (create-react-app) is currently the people's favorite choice. This template has been created to join their strengths together. CRA provides the necessary bootstrapping to start your projects but does not provide a guide on how to build it. That is where react-boilerplate comes in and prepares the bases with the battle-tested techniques and tools to guide you into creating state-of-the-art web applications.
This documentation assumes that you are familiar with the create-react-app. The template is built on top of it. ;)

Let's get started with the documentation

In the following sections, we will briefly introduce this boilerplate to you and then start diving into details with the Building Blocks section.
Source Code & Repo: Github
NPM Package: npm
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